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 scribBles - why, hello there - 28 Nov '08

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PostSubject: scribBles - why, hello there - 28 Nov '08   Fri Nov 28, 2008 4:42 am

These days, people are fond of using their own language at times. Now, why is that so? Why do some prefer using the "text" (the one usually used in sending messages from one cellular phone to the other)language instead of the standard (complete word structure with correct spelling, grammar, etc.) one?

In one of my recent blog entries, I have come across this post:

Some might be wondering what does "xD" means; and as well as the word "effin", "wurd", STFU, and whatnot..
Fo clarity's sake, lemme cite some stuff.. Yeheheh

*B's Vocab*

vocab = vocabulary
xD = super all-out teeth smile wida one-eye wink
wida = with a
effin = tha F word plus the -ing suffix
tha = the
STFU = shut tha F up.
lemme = let me
fo = for
wurd = weird
huwaaaht = a big (sometimes screaming) "WHAT?!"
watEv = whatever
duhrz = duh.
woohkee = ok / okay
ayush = ayos
ohyeh = oh yeah (wida lil ala chito M accent)
lil = little
ala = as if /somewhat
chito M = Chito Miranda of PNE
PNE = Parokya ni Edgar (some OPM band)
nyaha = yikes!! na tawa
tawa = laff
laff = laugh
bwaha = sarcastic poh amused laff
poh = pero /but
huwaha = sarcastic (as in daw suya guid) laff
yehehe = yehey!! na tawa
yehaha = ohyeh na tawa
nyeeeh = ngeee.. na tawa
hohoho = wooopz!! na tawa (contrary to urban legend belief, INDI ni xa synonymous sa tawa ni Santa Claus.bale daw galalain na daw naham-ut ni xa nga tawa.haha)
xa = siya
haha = simple laff
wuhooo = ohyeh + yehey + "let's celebrate" na tawa

Oh well..
That's it fo now. Yehehe.. xD

Is the standard form of language slowly dying? Or is the so-called "text" language slowly becoming the newly-improved and acceptable one?

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PostSubject: Re: scribBles - why, hello there - 28 Nov '08   Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:13 pm

hmm.. i think depende sa tao.. everybody wants to save their load although may unli-whatever na! haha.. but i still go with correct spelling and proper usage of words.. budaly na maanad kag sipaon ako sa course ko! haha...
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scribBles - why, hello there - 28 Nov '08
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