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PostSubject: PLEASE READ!!!   Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:18 pm

1. Exercise common sense and be considerate toward your fellow users. Diversity of opinion and intelligent civil discourse is encouraged; by the same token, insults and "flaming" are not tolerated. Disagreeing with an idea of another community member is different from attacking that individual.

2. Do not post off-topic. Please keep your comments consistent with the subject and purpose of the conversation thread. Deliberate disruption -- such as consistent off-topic and/or frivolous commentary -- will not be tolerated such posts will be deleted or redirected to our general chat area.

Eksena Iloilo moderators reserve the right to delete posts and/or whole conversations we determine are of an irrelevant, abusive or disruptive nature.

- Good evening forumers!

above stated rules are copied from the forum rules thread of this forum.
i am posting this again since we have recieved reports from concerned users of off topic, irrelevant, and explecitive posts from the users....

explicit posts have no place in this forum, but for irrelevant and OT posts, we have a venue for that [Agaw Eksena thread], so go there and spam, flood and OT yourselves to death.

forum rules were made to be followed. not broken!

i will not name names here bcause i believe that everyone here is mature enough to follow the rules, know your mistakes, and correct them accordingly.

lets please give respect to the thread starter and most especially to the forum itself! this is our forum. lets make it worth reading.

thank you.
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